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CFFM is a specialist not for profit family mediation service with experienced highly trained staff who have experience in children, finance/property and the legal system.

We cover Prestwich, Bolton, Bury, Manchester City Centre and Stockport. Our trained mediators provide you with the tools to untangle all the strands around family breakdown, find new ways of communicating and most importantly help parents to help their children make the necessary adjustments to family life.

Mediation is usually less than half the cost and twice as quick as using a solicitor for everything. 

  • Not for profit
  • Fully Impartial
  • Child centred
  • Alternative to court
  • Experienced mediators
  • First consultation FREE
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What people say about Mediation…

The children First Family Mediation team have been very helpful, supportive, informative and tactful when dealing with co-parenting issues. I used the service on two separate occasions and it was extremely helpful to have the same mediator take on my caseload the second time, as I had already built a good rapport with Liz. Mediation was the perfect platform to discuss difficult/life changing decisions in a controlled environment, and I would highly recommend this service to anyone. (CR – January 2022)

“It helped to have someone come up with practical ideas without emotions getting in the way”

“The mediator was great – she made us work together and see things in a positive light and the children are now a lot happier”