CFFM has now moved over to remote working and we can offer our full range of services – mediation by video or phone, MIAMS etc.

We are also aware how difficult the current situation is either for people who are struggling to see their children or who have the children at home and are overwhelmed by child care; those still having to work, worried about money, self-isolation etc.

We are trying to offer our services as flexibly as possible including

· Video mediations via Zoom. This does take a little longer than face so we are offering up to 1.5 hours at our normal hourly cost

· Telephone mediation where the mediator speaks to each person in turn for 10- 15 minutes and then relays their views to the other person working to get an agreement. This can help those who would struggle to find the time to commit to video meeting

· Appointments in the evening or other times when the children are not around to overhear the mediation discussions

For existing clients who need to contact us safest to send us a quick e: mail and then we can ring you back

New clients use the online referral form and a mediator will ring you to discuss your situation and how we can help

If you are unsure if we can help drop us a quick e: mail and we will ring you back.

Please note your phone needs to accept a withheld number as we are ringing from mobiles outside the office.

We have also provided some links below to the latest guidance on arrangements for children and the virus situation.

Sheena Adam

Director (includes very useful ideas re: keeping in touch with children if you cannot meet at present)

If you have any immediate queries e:mail us at

or call us on  07484 079 249